Home 1 heartfelt "our ceremony was relaxed and, above all,
very much us."
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new life together."
"a fun and relaxed
and we'd recommend her
to anyone."
"catherine made the day memorable

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your celebrant as this will flow right through to your wedding day.


I’ll focus on the finer details of your ceremony, allowing you time to plan the many other elements of your wedding day.


You can relax and take it all in, confident that you will be smoothly guided through your perfect ceremony.


you’ve got love!

Me too! How good is it?! It must be pretty awesome if you’re about to commit to one special person for the rest of your life. Congratulations!

Now, how are you going to wed? Almost anything goes, and if you get a good team of wedding helpers together you’re on the right track. Choosing me as your celebrant means we’ll start with an open slate and I have an open mind! No template words on marriage for you, no sir. We’ll set the vibe for the whole day by creating a unique ceremony based on your preferences and personalities. The result will be a heartfelt, fun and relaxed celebration that engages your guests and is deeply meaningful to you.

I’ll guide you through the legals and provide lots of inspiration and tips in my information pack, Ceremony – my guide for couples. With lots of communication over a cuppa or a wine, we’ll share a fun journey in the lead up to your best day ever.