Best day ever at Goolmangar Hall

Small communities are awesome. For country weddings, everyone’s so generous, pitching in to make sure the couple have the best day ever. This was definitely the case for J and L and just shows how well-loved they are.

Mind you, J and L knew roughly what they wanted and in the months leading up to their wedding, their ideas evolved to result in a very unique celebration that truly reflected their style.

First there was the calming incense wafting through the hall and meadowy wildflowers so fresh they were placed seconds prior to the wedding. Then the Radiohead entrance music and a Homer Simpson vow.

From the deeply meaningful handfasting with parents to the hairy-chested guy in a bridesmaid dress. Then the earthly Apache blessing to the script that turned into a guestbook.

All culminated in a thunderous foot-stomping congratulations on the timber floor as J and L walked back up the aisle. It was a fantastic start to married life!

Goolmangar Hall has a new story to tell of the couple that dealt with changing COVID-19 restrictions to make sure their wedding was truly a celebration of their own relationship, embraced by a warm community of family and friends. There were no pretences, and there were big smiles all around.

There’s a new couple in town. Well done J and L – a wedding to remember.

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