Federal wedding euphoria in north-east NSW

Giselle and Scott themselves are the reason for the euphoria that erupted at their wedding in the little church at Jasper Corner, Federal, NSW. Their love glows so that you can’t help but fall in love with them too. Right from our first phone call, I knew we were in for something special – a ceremony that felt natural and relaxed, love that filled the room, family involvement, and guests that heartily showed their support. A real, genuine celebration.

It was an honour and an absolute pleasure to be part of Giselle and Scott’s wedding. Here are some of the highlights:


The words everyone came to hear and Giselle and Scott didn’t disappoint. Raw, honest, deep, poetic words from their hearts. It was intensely intimate as they said their vows. The other 70 people present fell completely away and silent, yet they too heard and hung on every word.

People often ask how long the vows should be. I think there is no minimum or maximum limit. It’s your wedding. Say what you want to express to your partner, what you need to declare, what you feel in your heart. You’ll never have the chance to say those things in front of your family and friends again, and your partner will melt 🙂

Warming of the rings

Before the ceremony began, Janine – our very own Lord of the Rings – moved through the chapel, casually inviting guests to bless the wedding rings, infusing love and good wishes for the marriage by hovering hands over the rings, as if warming them over a fire. This made placing the rings on Giselle and Scott’s fingers all the more special, knowing everyone present had wished them well.


Their great taste in Jazz/Soul music was on show, having put playlists together for the whole event – from guests arriving for the ceremony through to the dancing. For heaven’s sake set the mood as Giselle entered the chapel, Brighter! played during the signing and Valse Gitane echoed the magic that had just been witnessed by everyone. Beautiful.


That’s right! There was singing. Real old-fashioned, joyful, community stuff. Debbie on ukelele led a small group in ‘Til There Was You. Other guests sang in their seats or hummed through and it was AMAAAAZING!


Giselle and Scott’s five children took turns weaving threads representing elements essential to the marriage in a handfasting. Using strips of fabric from items of meaning, including the hem cut from Giselle’s wedding dress, a piece of her mum’s wedding dress, and French knitting from one of the children, they created a beautiful keepsake of their wedding to treasure for years to come.


Not just THE kiss – lots of kisses. Whenever they felt like it, though not in a weird way! But when they were declared husband and wife, and THE kiss landed, guests rose and cheered so loudly for what felt like forever. You would have thought Giselle and Scott had won an Oscar!

Another lingering kiss before walking back up the aisle concluded the ceremony as guests erupted in even more celebration. It was amazing!

The exit

Giselle and Scott stood at the doorway of the chapel as guests filed past, congratulating them on their way. Guests then formed lines either side of the footpath and tossed rice as Scott and Giselle walked through, absolutely beaming. Another romantic touch from yesteryear.

Connection and inclusion

Somehow the warm connection between the couple, their families, friends who’d come, extra special guests online, and even the wedding vendors (including me) felt like we’d all been friends forever. They wanted an organic feel, and it organically happened. It felt great! Full credit to Mr and Mrs Scott and Giselle Benitez Hetherington. Spread the love 🙂

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