It started with a kiss

These high school sweethearts, best friends and adventurers started with a kiss on the school oval during the athletics carnival. Twelve years and a thousand kisses later they shared the best kiss ever – their first as a married couple.

A relaxed beach wedding on the platform at Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre set the scene for a great afternoon among family and friends. They came from far and wide to celebrate – and celebrate they did! Kelsey and Lyam’s groovy style shone throughout.

Lyam and his lads looked at ease in floral boardshorts and barefeet, watching on as the girls strolled in – gorgeous in their strapless bridesmaid-dresses-you-could-wear-again. 

Kelsey and Lyam’s taste in music was on display with the playlists they’d created and shared with me on Spotify. Kelsey had commented that most brides put a lot of thought into their dress but she was putting all of hers into the music. Well, she absolutely nailed both. Kelsey was jaw-droppingly stunning as she entered to ‘Mellow Mood’ by Slightly Stoopid.

I loved the natural styling of a bamboo arbour, rug (great on a deck to prevent a possible dropped ring falling through the gaps) and foliage – no flowers, just greenery. Chairs covered in white with sand-coloured ties fell into the background perfectly.

Personal vows included the KFC carpark, Faith Hill, a whacked out weirdo, a love bug junkie, ‘Badfish’ and the depth of their journey that led them to marriage. Then, the big moment – Kelsey and Lyam were pronounced husband and wife. Yahoo! The crowd went wild!

The Seekers played ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’ as the certificates were signed. Next, a sand ceremony – perfect for a beach wedding. Using sand from Lennox Head’s Seven Mile Beach that they’d coloured themselves, Kelsey and Lyam created a keepsake that represented their supportive community of family and friends, the beach location of their wedding, their individualities, and finally the permanent, inseparable blending of their lives.

With well wishes and a mighty cheer from their guests, newlyweds Kelsey and Lyam Ible walked towards the beach with sand between their toes and love all around.

The beginning.

I was fortunate to have the pleasure of being celebrant and emcee for Kelsey and Lyam. What a blast! 

Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre is such a great venue where both the beach and lake can be accessed. Guests enjoyed music, scrumptious canapes, beer and bubbly beside the lake as the sun went down and the plovers came to play.

Everyone gathered in the dining hall in time for the entrance of the wedding party. It was a hoot! Bridesmaids and groomsmen paired up and danced in as an edited version of Crazy Town’s ‘Butterfly’ played. Then, the grand entrance of the Ibles. A shot of tequila by almost everyone really got the party started and stamped more personality on their big day. 

OMG the food! Hot boxes of delicious eats just kept flowing out of the kitchen. It was amazing!

We rolled through some very entertaining speeches. Meaningful words said with contagious laughter got the guests’ attention and lead us to the first dance. 

As tradition had it, a bouquet and garter toss were on the menu. The highlight of my day was watching Lyam ‘dance’ to ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ before taking Kelsey’s garter. He was hilarious! Such original, funky style 🙂

And the party continued into the night…

Thank you Kelsey and Lyam for including me. I had a ball the whole way through, from our first Zoom meeting to the garter toss. 

Thanks to Jed Grace for the amazing photography. 

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