It’s like rain on your wedding day!

What are the chances? No-one imagined the drought would break and bring heavy rain on their wedding day…

But it did. And it broke hard. Fifteen minutes before their ceremony. Not everyone got wet. Most people had umbrellas. But I didn’t. This was a beach wedding and I looked like I’d just been for a swim with my clothes on. The mic got wet and stopped working, and the sand ceremony was aborted due to clumpy, wet sand. Always, always, always pack an umbrella. Even if you’ve had no rain for 5 months and it’s clear skies when you leave home. Always!

Despite my embarrassment, we pushed on as though nothing was wrong. In fact, the vibe between the couple, their genuine words of love, a heartfelt ceremony, and the support of friends and family made this wedding truly magical. Everyone there turned the misfortune into a positive. Besides, it’s always good to have a funny story to tell about what went wrong on your wedding day:)

Still one of my favourites, my biggest learning curve. A wedding no-one will forget, that’s for sure!

When the storm passed Melle Veronesi captured beautiful photos of K and A, like this one.

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