Lennox Head wedding fairies work their magic

They made the right call. An hour or so before the ceremony was due to start, Jane and Dave decided to move to location plan B. With storm clouds piling up and the sky darkening, it was too risky to wed on Seven Mile Beach. So, just across the road at the Beef+Beach, a team of Lennox Head wedding fairies worked their magic, creating an aisle, arranging seating, arbour and decorations in a flurry. The result – perfect:)

And down it poured! But Jane, Dave and their fortyish guests didn’t care. There was so much to celebrate – their love, two families uniting through marriage, the Queensland border remaining open, the new year, a new beginning, a new house, Jane’s new boat;) Simply being able to get together and celebrate. The mood was right, the bride was is drop-dead gorgeous, and the groom relaxed.

Exactly one year after a perfect proposal in Fiji, Jane and Dave formally tied the knot. During their special, personal vows, you could see the immense respect and deep friendship these two have formed. A witty Princess Di moment raised a chuckle, keeping the mood light and warm.

Displaying the extension of their commitment to their four children through a colourful sand ceremony, as well as acknowledging their foundation of supportive family and friends, a beautiful keepsake was made. Just as the individual grains of sand can never be separated, so too is their bond inseparable.

Jane and Dave’s wedding was remarkable in so many ways. They calmly soldiered on through several disappointments and anxieties due to COVID-19, which included sharing their wedding online with Dave’s daughters, Isabella and Caitlin who were unable to enter New South Wales. However, from my perspective, the girls were truly present, thanks to Cherie and Marie for representing them where needed. Thanks to the staff at Beef+Beach Lennox Head for your flexibility and to the wedding fairies for pulling it together. Thanks to Nicky the photographer for easily adjusting to trying conditions. But most of all – thank you Jane and Dave for spreading your love.

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