Rainy day romance at Tintenbar Hall

Rain is good luck on your wedding day and Neva and Danny expected lots of it. Rain, that is. Danny proposed in torrential rain, and their engagement party was flooded. Last week, the weather app forecast 100% rain for their wedding day. As a result, Zoe from Panorama Events calmly guided teams of helpers to set up the perfect rainy day romance on the verandah at Tintenbar Hall.

Their story

Neva met Danny on the job but they had to wait. They parent daschund dogs. They’ve built a brand new house and bought an even newer car. They share lots of fun times with friends and family. They go camping at Sandon River. And they’ve built the best friendship between weekend adventures, coffee dates, and rainy days.

The ceremony

Neva and the girls arrived in a spruced-up Kombi just as the first sprinkles came down. Danny, his groomsmen and groomsmaids were relaxed and ready. Or should I say groomspeople? In any case, gender was irrelevant when Danny chose the people to stand beside him as he wed. I love that!

Danny had kept the entrance (processional) music a surprise from the bridal party for tear-provoking effect. All of Me by Jon Legend can have an effect! Still, Amee and Cara strolled in perfectly-timed before Neva took everyone’s breath away. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. Mum and dad proudly gave Neva away with a cuddle and the scene was set. Guests couldn’t help but applaud the love scene before them. 

There were laughs, guest vows and a handfasting to literally tie the  knot during ceremony. The highlight was Neva and Danny’s personal vows which they’d kept secret from each other until then. I hope there weren’t any surprises! Their heartfelt words of love and commitment put them in good stead for a wonderful future.

It’s funny. I always see the couple relax with relief after they’ve been pronounced married, and Danny and Neva were no different. Perhaps it was that they could finally kiss?! 

Mr and Mrs Lane walked back up the aisle to a loud cheer and a shower of petals, ready to take on the world!

Rain on your wedding day symbolises new growth and a fresh start. Its also romantic and makes people want to cuddle closer. And…

rain on your wedding day symbolises fertility. 

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Photo credit: Dean Turner Photo