The eyes have it

It’s easy to see. Just look at the love on Chris and Rob’s faces. This was their wedding day. Neither could have imagined it five years ago when they met but there they are – married. How good is that?!

Their wedding journey started way back in December 2019 when Rob asked Chris to marry him in Hobart’s Botanic Gardens. We all know what happened last year to so many couples and Rob and Chris weren’t excluded. They postponed their wedding until finally they were able to tie the knot surrounded by their many friends and family. Ballina’s Richmond River Lighthouse was the spot. All we needed was good weather and we got it. 

It seemed as though Shania Twain wrote ‘From This Moment’ just for Chris and Rob’s processional. They walked down the aisle casually together with a rose for Rob’s mum and another for me which was a lovely surprise. Perfectly timed, Shania finished just as Chris and Rob turned to face their guests who erupted in applause. They’d conquered the law, they’d fought through COVID-19 restrictions, to finally be there, ready to wed. We were all so happy for them. 

Guests made the first vow of the day, a resounding promise to have the best time ever celebrating Chris and Rob’s union. And that’s exactly what they did with cheers, applause and tears throughout. Special friend Doris shared her thoughts on their relationship which heightened the emotion. Okay, so maybe a bit of a breeze kept making people’s eyes water 😉 

Personal words of love and vows declared all the emotion that filled their hearts. It was an honour to witness. To Chris and Rob, marriage is not only legal – it’s the ultimate statement to each other and the world that they’re solely committed for life. There is no higher level. Marriage is sharing in all things with the person of their choosing, each having found their soul’s mate.

Wedding rings warmed and blessed by guests before the ceremony were brought forward by Noeleen who shared beautiful words from Love is the Greatest Teacher. Signifying the continuation of their love and the gift of all that they are and ever hope to be, Chris and Rob got those rings on with a bit of a push and squeeze!

Finally, they kissed for the first time as partners in marriage. Woot, woot! The crowd went wild! 

In a non-religious marriage ceremony, a couple can be pronounced any way they like. Husband and wife, partners in marriage, the (surnames), simply ‘married’, or anything your imagination desires. I really like partners in marriage, whether a same sex wedding or not. It softens the description of the relationship, sounds like you’re about to embark on an adventure (which you are), and highlights that you’re a team. You can still be a husband or wife or spouse within the partnership of marriage. 

Anyhoo, back to our lovers… The relief and realisation set in and Chris and Rob relaxed with a champagne as the marriage certificates were signed. In a concluding toast, it was my sincere pleasure and privilege to present to the world the newlyweds – Chris and Rob!

The simplicity and flow of the ceremony was thanks to Chris and Rob’s active support team. From the friend who created the ceremony booklet with personalised cover (which also doubled as a guest and photo keepsake album of the wedding journey), to the beautiful invitation designer, their Lady of the Rings, the reader, the drinks pourers, even the flag taker-downerers. All co-ordinated perfectly. 

Congratulations Chris and Rob! As Noeleen said from Love is the Greatest Gift (author unknown), “Love just makes life so beautiful. If we could only love enough, we could change the world. What a blessing love is!”

Thanks to John Bortolin Photography for the beautiful photo.

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