They’ve got real love, baby!

Yeah they do – and we all saw it at the Ewingsdale Hall grounds one sunny afternoon. Real Love Baby (Father John Misty) set the mood as gorgeous Ellen strolled down the aisle toward Mitch, tears twinkling all around. 

Time slowed down as Ellen and Mitch finally got to relax on their wedding day. Having put so much effort into all the details, they deserved perfection. Their Colgate smiles said it all and radiated to the hundred or so family and friends who shared in the celebrations.

Both wove heartfelt words of love amongst real vows including never throwing out the leftover cheesecake – something we could all relate to – dinner planning before going to Coles, rejuvenating kisses, not waking a certain someone up too early after night-shift, ‘choppy girl’ in the kitchen, and being lobsters who forever hold hands. Phoebe Buffay would love that!

And then the Kiss. Woot woot! Everyone cheered and clapped as the Larden’s were pronounced married. After all, this was an event seven years in the making. 

They left a lasting impression on each other when they met, but timing just wasn’t right. A couple of years later and with a little swipe on Tinder, Ellen and Mitch reconnected and there’s been no looking back. They’re each others perfect person.

Now partners in marriage, I can’t wait to see where their journeys will take them. For now, it’s a honeymoon travelling north through Queensland, no doubt still smiling and growing deeper in love.

Thanks to Figtree Wedding Photography for the beautiful photo.

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