Whales breach throughout Ballina lighthouse wedding

Could it get any better? Seriously! Whales breaching, an aircraft display, bubbles blown, romantic acoustic guitar by Isaac, awesome energy from family and friends and a perfect evening breeze. Ballina knows them well and did all she could to return the favour for their many and valued community contributions.

An evening wedding at the Richmond River Lighthouse in Ballina was a risk given the windy season we’re currently in. BUT WOW! It sure paid off. The late sunlight and ocean backdrop setting was all the decoration needed. That, and the whales jumping for joy throughout the whole ceremony.

Enter our bride, proudly escorted by her two grown children. Da daaaaa! Stunning, classic elegance with a smirk of fun. They joined the groom and his daughters for a family huddle before proceeding through delighted guests.

Family and friends knew how special this moment was and promised the first vow of the day. A loud “I do” was their commitment to continuing their love and support of the bride and groom, knowing they are better together.

Heartfelt words to each other hinted at the fun times they share, knowing the best is yet to come. Special rings crafted from a melting pot of pre-loved jewellery slid on smoothly, having nearly lost one in the grass. Phew!

The significant weaving together of threads to form a new tapestry was witnessed by all in a handfasting ritual. Each of the four adult children and myself wove different coloured ribbons around the clasped hands of the couple – each ribbon representing an element for a happy marriage. The binding was made and heartfelt words blessed the family as they start their new chapter. To conclude, our bride and groom each pulled their ends of the ribbons to ‘tie the knot.’ Aaaannnd kisss. A beautiful start to a new partnership.

The absolute highlight of the wedding was the couple. They relaxed in themselves and seemed to enjoy every moment. Even when our groom’s phone went during the big question! For better or for worse;) The joyful vibe flowed through their guests and everyone had a great time. It was an honour, a privilege and a joy to be included.

Did I mention the whales?

Photo by talented Sarah at Bye Bye Blackbird Photography







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