When David met Jenni

Sounds like a good title for a movie! When David met Jenni, the plan was to stay single. Fortunately, plans have a habit of changing! David and Jenni brought their kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids together for their wedding over the Easter break. It was the first time everyone had been together and it happened at their beautiful new farm. Some joined online from Texas, others from Sydney, but there was certainly a lot of love in the air at this wedding.

When David first met Jenni, they talked for hours and hours. They discovered their lives were quite similar, both having grown up in Sydney. Their journeys wound along the road of life, not knowing where they were heading, yet all the while in the direction of each other.

Soon after David met Jenni, he moved in to share her tiny little granny flat – which was challenging, to say the least. It was in that granny flat that Dave proposed one night.

Since David met Jenni, they’ve holidayed in Vanuatu, shared Christmas in Dallas, been to formals, a christening, wedding, birthdays…  In the middle of all of this they’ve found their little piece of paradise on the farm. They’ve already created so many beautiful memories.

Because David met Jenni, their families came together to witness their marriage vows.  To them, marriage is a commitment to share life’s values with your partner, enjoying your blessed lives together. It’s being there for each other no matter what, and always with a splash of humour. 

When Jenni met David on their wedding day, she was sparkling and gorgeous as ever. First came the ribbon-bearers, petal-scattering flower angels and bridesmaids. Jenni glowed as she followed them down the garden path to Leona Lewis and Callum Scott’s ‘You are the Reason.’ 

While Jenni wed David, everyone played a part. There was a reading from Jenni’s sister, David’s son as best man, and grandsons who took turns skillfully weaving ribbons throughout the handfasting. There were witnesses whose names were pulled out of a hat (Jenni and David couldn’t decide!) and Jenni’s daughter the make-up artist and hairstylist.  And of course, the helpers who set up the front yard on the only fine day during the Easter break. So lucky!

As Jenni wed David, she reminded me about the ring 🙂 They tied a keepsake knot of colourful ribbons, and concluded with hugs and congratulations. It was a lovely start to their new beginning, surrounded by those they love.

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