When less is more

Sometimes less really is more. This was the case for the wedding of N and J. It was at home among close family who already know them better than I ever will. It was still a big deal. There was still so much joy, as you can see, but it was kept simple and words were meaningful yet few. Their wedding was relaxed, warm and so happy.

We initially met via zoom and somehow the love between them just glowed right through the screen! This bride and groom knew their style and it was perfect for them. Less was truly more. From the start they knew what they wanted, which was also the case when they met a year ago. When you know, you just know:)

A modern couple with good old-fashioned values, they honoured their parents and thanked them for their foundation of love and support. With handwritten vows, flowers from a friend, a fresh home-made cake made by talented sister L and an heirloom ring, N and J began their lifelong partnership.  Just two people working successfully together with patience, flexibility and so much love.

Enjoy the journey!


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